Make your applications intelligently geo-aware
IP2IQ's IP-to-Country database is a passive non-invasive solution to obtaining geolocation information from inbound traffic.

IP To Country Database

IP2IQ's IP-to-Country products are a passive non-invasive solution to obtaining geolocation information from inbound traffic into your assets.

This is the foundation technology for making your applications passively geo-aware. Besides surface uses of this technology like geolocating visitors. Applications in various fields can gain additional dimensions of intelligence when integrated with other data.

We help many clients from single developers, business owners to large Fortune companies around the world study and come up with solutions to problems in their respective fields and existing application by using our technology.
Up to 15x faster than competition
Uses less server resources
Improved search engine ranking
Tiny memory footprint
Handle more requests
No extra SQL table using library
Fast direct file I/O


IP2IQ libraries are written by developers who write some of the fastest state-of-the-art frameworks and libraries in the world. We're experienced in the enterprise space and believe that everyone require stability, performance and enterprise level support.

All our developers participate in support to build a better product.

The IP2IQ IP to country library will save you time and money having to write one from scratch. IP2IQ PHP enterprise library is also faster than all competitors.

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