JSON Web Service. Latest Updated Data
Free web service usage up to 15500 requests per month or 500 per day.

Free IP to Country Web Service

The IP2IQ IP to country web service uses the latest up to date data as compared to the free IP to country data database which is updated monthly.
There is a limit of 500 IP to Country lookups per day. No registration or API key required.


  GET http://www.ip2iq.com/api/json/?{ip}



Responses are returned in JSON format.




  {"err":4002,"msg":"Exceeded limit 500 per day"}


Parameters on Success:

Param Description Value
vr Web service API version 1
ip IP address resolved, sent by caller IPv4 address
cc Resolved country code ISO 2-character country code
cx API call count within the hour ISO 2-character country code

Parameters on Error:

Param Description Value
err Error code 4001 (Invalid IPv4)
4002 (Quota exceeded)
msg Detailed error message String