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IP2IQ's client libraries are up to 15x faster, memory and resource efficient among all competitors.

IP2IQ IP2-Country Enterprise Licenses

USD $49.95/year Single Quad-Server Enterprise License.
*Offer ends on 2017-07-31. Rate valid till cancelled.

IP2IQ IP2-Country Enterprise Licenses give you the fastest IP to country lookup for your website or application.

  • Now you can serve your existing visitor faster
  • Have more resourcesto grow with existing hardware.
  • Possible increase in search engine rankings because of the quicker response time; especially if you run a busy site.
  • Works with any IPv4 address in the world.
  • This is a reoccuring 12-month subscription service.

The IP2IQ proprietary Enterprise IP2 PHP Library give our customers up to 15x the IP to country lookups in PHP compared to all other IP Geolocation service providers. You can be rest assured that your IP to country client will not be the component that slows your website or application down during traffic spikes.

The Enterprise IP2-Country Database is updated daily providing you the latest up to date IP to country data for download manually or by a provided script automatically.


This license is for use on up to 4 servers. There are no attribution requirement for the enterprise licenses.

Enterprise N-Server License Agreement.

Please contact us if you require an enterprise site or enterprise redistribution license.

Not ready for a enterprise license yet?

Try our Free Open Source IP To Country Database For Personal or Commercial Use.
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